7 Secrets To Raising A Smart Toddler


Toddlers are always on the move. They are extremely hyper and they love being around hyper people. Because of this , at their age they are ready and willing to learn.

Having a smart child is easy but it can take time. Don’t just do one of the seven below , do them all and your have a smart toddler in no time at all.

1. Talking To Your Toddler


The truth is , the more you talk to your toddler the more they will learn. The best way to do this naturally is to actually narrate your day. This can be done by telling your toddler what you’re doing while you’re doing it.

This will expose your child to more words all day long.  Be sure you also read more books and use funny voices and different faces while reading. Lastly, avoid using the TV to be your only learning tool. Many of the things on TV aren’t interactive which a toddler requires.

2. Teach Your Toddler Emotions


Emotional intelligence is very important for your toddler’s social development. You want to help your child understand and learn to read emotional cues because it’s a life skill that’s involved in everything people do.

You want to showcase the good feelings  and the understanding feelings. So that your child can respond in the right way. This can  be done to frame any situation by helping your toddler identify what happened and help understand it.

3. Play Intelligent Games


You want to teach your children to understand opposites and be able to learn and practice impulse control. The idea is for you to teach impulse control which is linked to building stronger math skills .

It’s also key to building executive function – the brain’s ability to plan , set goals and also to stay on task.

4. Make A Creative Space


Creating a great space for your toddler doesn’t require you to use a ton of home design magazines. You want to simply create a room that is imagination- friendly.

You don’t need a ton of expensive toys. Instead having just a few crayons a large empty box will work just fine. Other things to include would be music items , drawing and painting supplies and also construction toys and even costumes.

5. Reward Toddler’s Efforts


There is plenty of research that shows it is better to praise a child for their effort rather than for how smart they are. By saying “ You worked hard on that and it shows.” instead of saying “ You’re so smart.”

This helps them focus on doing the work and associate hard work with success.

6. Pointing With Fingers


By the age of 9 months a child can follow your finger and know what you are pointing to. There is research that shows a child can learn faster when you point at an object and say the word at the same time. You can turn this into a game while out shopping or at the zoo.

7. Food For The Brain


Educate your child about the value nutrition has on your brain and body. Explain to your child how to eat healthy.

By explaining why they are eating carrots instead of cookies this will give them a greater understanding of nutrition and health.

By using these seven secrets you’ll be raising a smart toddler in no time at all.