8 Tricks Reveal How To Indulge At Christmas Without Gaining Weight


Have you ever been there…..a bowl of creamy yummy mashed potatoes in front of your face and next to it your grandmother’s secret recipe pumpkin pie? Torture right?

The idea of killing the diet you’ve worked on for so many months.

The idea of enjoying every single calorie filled bite until the next morning with reality sets in and you know you just gained at least 5 pounds in a single day.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are ways to enjoy the great food of the holidays without killing your diet and becoming depressed because of it. Below you’ll find a number of tricks and tips to use.

1. Skip the good stuff for the best stuff


Do you want to enjoy pie or mashed potatoes? Which one do you crave the most? Which ever one avoid the other option. By doing this you cut out those calories and are able to enjoy your meal a lot more. Yes, it can be hard to say no to mashed potatoes but if it’s pie, it shouldn’t be that hard.

2. Keep your work out active


Yes during the holidays the focus is making food and buying gifts . You still can’t be lazy and sit around. Instead, increase your work out time by at least 10 minutes daily or 1 hour weekly. By doing this you’ll be able to enjoy those yummy foods without the need to work extra hard the next day and risk getting sick.

3. Keep portions in mind


By considering portions you can know just how much to eat. If you are making the meal or simply hosting , offer different sized plates. By using the smaller plate, you’ll be eating smaller portions.

4. Keep in mind the amount of food you are suppose to eat


There are tons of charts online dedicated to telling you how much to eat of what and how little to eat as well. Keep these kind of charts in mind to keep your plate of food as healthy as possible. I.E your plate should have more vegetables then grains and meats.

5. Arrive full


If you are going to a dinner party, eat something healthy before going there. This will support your diet even more and allow you to eat limited amounts of food while at the party. This works great with you have picky eaters in your family.

6. Spend more time mingling than eating


It’s true that if we sit down , we’re going to eat a lot more than if we stand and walk around. As a mother most likely you’ll need to stand and keep track of the kids anyways!

7. Drink mostly water and limit the amount of alcohol you drink


By doing this you avoid a common problem of becoming hungry once again after drinking some wine or a beer. By filling up on water, you’ll be removing many of the calories you just enjoyed.

8. Bring a healthy dish with you


If you are going to a dinner party where the visitors asks you to bring something, opt for your favorite diet dish. Something you love but maybe can’t always enjoy because it can be expensive to make. By “tricking” yourself into something special of your own , you’ll want it more than the things that are not healthy.

As you can see there are tons of tips and tricks on how to avoid holiday weight gain. But that’s not all. As mothers, we often handle stress by eating and snacking on things. Snacks are the reason so many people gain weight during the holidays. It’s so easy to think that a handful of chips won’t damage your diet but you know they will. And snacking happens often when you’re asked to cook a meal for 15 people only 2 days in advance because someone became sick. So what do you do?

Here’s what you can do

  • Ask for help. Who said you had to do the whole meal alone? If anyone did , tell them they are nuts! If you have children that can help , use them for it. Simple tasks like washing dishes, setting the table , washing vegetables and even cutting things can save you plenty of hours.  You can also ask people to bring food.
  • Hide the sweet stuff from yourself. The brownies look great but nuts are a better option. Plus by eating a healthy snack you’ll gain energy instead of weight.

Drink some fiber. Few people know of this trick. By drinking a powdered fiber drink you instantly become full. And this feeling of being full can last for hours. These kind of drinks also allow you to work hard with plenty of energy .