Top 10 Must Have Xmas Toys For Toddlers


When it comes to buying Christmas toys for toddlers, while simple, it can prove challenging given the infinite choices. The world of toddlers is fun, exciting…umm..challenging to say the least, and an abundance of cuteness!

Not only have they learned a lot in the first couple of years, they’re at their most impressionable age and are full of curiosity and wonder.

It’s highly recommended you choose toys which are tons of fun and also aid your little one’s mental and physical development. Toys that make them use hand eye coordination, cognitive skills as well as visual acuity.

This is why I have chosen the following top 10 must have Xmas toys for toddlers as these will help advance your child’s development.

Toy 1 – Playskool Sesame Street Let’s Rock Elmo

sesame street elmo

Elmo comes with not only 2 instruments, but it’s very own microphone. Your toddler then has the choice of either playing the drums or rattling the tambourine whilst Elmo plays the other. The great thing is whichever instrument your toddler chooses Elmo then magically recognizes which one he has.

Toy 2 – VTech Sit To Stand Alphabet Train

VTech Sit To Stand Alphabet Train

This is a very versatile toy and great for learning too. Not only will it provide your child with the perfect introduction to letters, numbers and colors, but also comes with a good selection of songs and stories your child will love. Your child has three ways in which this toy can be used. It can either be used alone on the floor or they can push it along as a walker. The other option is that they can sit on the train and ride it around the room.

Toy 3 – Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Love To Play Puppy

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Love To Play Puppy

This cuddly friend really helps your child to develop interaction skills. It comes with two interactive play modes and will introduce your child not only to learning the alphabet but also their numbers, colors and parts of the body. It provides your toddler with hours of fun so make sure you buy plenty of AA batteries (as 3 are required) to keep it going.

Toy 4 – Fisher Price Laugh & Learn & Movie Music Station

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn & Movie Music Station

This toy allows your child to trigger certain instrument sounds and animal noises along with over 50 different tunes. The great thing is you can connect it to your TV allowing your toddler to then activate certain learning games along with animations on the screen in front of them.

Toy 5 – LittleTikes School Bus Activity Gym

LittleTikes School Bus Activity Gym

With this toy a toddler is offered the opportunity to stay active through using the slide or pretending to drive or ride on the school bus. On the dashboard there are a number of features that any toddler will find fascinating from clickers and buttons to the steering wheel that spins. Plus there is a stop sign on the side that at a touch of a button can be folded in or out.

Toy 6 – Alex Toys Learn To Dress Kitty

Alex Toys Learn To Dress Kitty

This toy helps develop a child’s fine motor skills. It comes with a total of 11 dressing activities from how to use buttons and zips as well as how to tie laces and put on socks. All clothing this lovable purple cat wears is removable making it even more interesting for a child to spend time with.

Toy 7 – Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

This may be one of the more simple toys included in our list, but it really is worth investing in. It teaches your child about shapes by helping them learn how to sort them and place them in their relevant holes. The bright colors along with the blocks being easy to hold, encourages your toddler to play creatively.

Toy 8 – Tobbles Neo By Fat Brain Toys

Tobbles Neo By Fat Brain Toys

This one is hours of fun. It’s comprised of six dual colored pieces which are weighted and can be stacked, spun, balanced, wobbled, tilted, wiggled, rolled and toppled. They come with a texture that your child will find easy to grip. It will help develop their fine motor skills as well as their co-ordination and visual senses.

Toy 9 – Playskool Explore N’ Grow Busy Ball Popper

Playskool Explore N’ Grow Busy Ball Popper

With the Busy Ball Popper they simply need to learn to drop the colored balls into the machine before pumping the plunger which then causes the balls to drop on to the spiral track. Once they have reached the bottom… then look out as the balls will then pop out of the top!

Toy 10 – V Tech Roll & Learn Turtle

V Tech Roll & Learn Turtle

This toy improves their confidence in their own abilities. Includes colorful features and teaches them about insects, sounds, and colors and a whole lot more. A child can either push or pull this toy across the floor and will help encourage them to explore and discover more of their surroundings.